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How To Use Kitty Litter To Keep Moles Out Of Your Yard
An excellent way to keep moles out of your yard is with kitty litter, preferably used. The smell makes moles assume a lurking predator awaits them, so they run the other way.
You'll need a plastic bag filled with used cat litter, a shovel, a scooper, and hot pepper flakes. Use urine-soiled litter rather than cat litter that contains feces.
Mole tunnels are easy to spot; the dirt is lifted and forms a long dune-like shape. Dig a hole into the mound and fill it with a cup of kitty litter and a few hot pepper flakes.
Then, measure out 3 feet from the spot you filled, dig another hole, and fill it with litter. Repeat the steps for every tunnel, then return to each hole and cover it with dirt.