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How To Use Plastic Wrap Hack To Easily Pack Clothes For A Move
Packing your clothes when moving to a new home
can be overwhelming. Fortunately, plastic wrap can change the way you pack and make your
move a little bit easier.
You can use plastic wrap to secure your garments on hangers, preventing them from unfolding or wrinkling in transit, and it will keep your apparel clean, fresh-smelling, and safe.
All you need is a roll of plastic wrap, also known as cling wrap or stretch film. Opt for a durable and high-quality version to ensure its effectiveness in securing your clothes.
For hanging clothes, gather
a manageable cluster of garments and tie the hangers together using a piece of plastic wrap, a rubber band, a zip tie, or another method.
Holding the clothes together, wrap the stretch film around them tightly to secure them. Wind the cling wrap tightly to prevent it from unraveling during transportation.
For folded clothes, stack them neatly and tightly cover the entire bundle with plastic wrap. You can put them in moving boxes or simply in little wrapped bundles.