Multicolored swimming pool noodles
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How To Use Pool Noodles To Child-Proof Your Home
Cot Edge Bumper
Placing a pool noodle on the edge of a cot creates a cushioned barrier that reduces the likelihood of your child getting hurt by bumping into the cot's edge.
Securing pool noodles to the edge of your cots is also a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution that enhances the safety and comfort of your child's sleeping environment.
Car Journeys
Using a pool noodle to pad a child's seatbelt provides added comfort and safety during car journeys as long as it doesn’t compromise the effectiveness of the seatbelt.
The pool noodle acts as a soft cushion, providing a more comfortable experience for your child while preventing the seatbelt from digging into their skin or neck during car rides.
Cushion Sharp Corners
Shelves with sharp corners or edges are dangerous for kids, but a pool noodle can create a soft bumper protecting
your child from accidental
bumps and bruises.
By creating a soft and protective barrier, the pool noodle reduces the risk of injuries and adds an extra layer of safety while allowing your child to explore in a secure space.