A spider Halloween decoration made from pool noodles
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How To Use Pool Noodles To Create Spooky Halloween Spider Decor
If you love to decorate for Halloween, then TikTok user @hollyjollypumpkinpatch can show you how to create your very own gigantic spider using four black pool noodles.
You'll also need nine-gauge fencing wire, black duct tape, ½ of a 9.6-inch craft foam ball, a 5.6-inch craft foam ball, a cotton clothesline, and a ½-inch-thick wooden dowel.
First, cut the fencing wire into four 6-foot-long pieces. Insert the wire pieces into the noodles, place each noodle side-by-side, and tie the middle together with a clothesline.
Once the knot is secure, cut the ends of the clothesline off so that the pieces aren’t hanging from the legs. Next, cover your foam balls entirely in black duct tape.
Your foam balls are the spider’s body and head. Take the wooden dowel, cut it down to 6 inches long, and poke it through both balls to connect them.
To attach the legs, put a few strips of duct tape from one end of the body underneath to the other side. Slightly bend each leg once to make your spider appear more life-like.