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How To Use Sandpaper To Perfectly Polish Dull Grout
To clean your grout with sandpaper, choose a fine-grit sandpaper, ideally one with a grit of 200 or above, to ensure you won't inadvertently damage the edges of your tiles.
Fold the sandpaper in half to create a thin, precise edge. Then, carefully sand along the grout lines and avoid going too deep, removing only the top layer of dirt and grime.
As you reveal the bright white grout beneath, you might find that for a uniform appearance it's best to sand all of the grout lines, not just the noticeably discolored sections.
Once you're done sanding, it's time for clean-up: vacuum the dust, wipe down your tiles with a damp cloth, and buff them to a shine with a dry microfiber cloth.
Lastly, to protect the grout lines from further damage, immediately apply a grout sealer that is specific to the tiles and type of grout
you have.