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How To
Use Shaving
Cream To
Remove Yellow
Mattress Stains
Mattresses can turn yellow because of moisture buildup and rusting inner springs. Luckily, TikToker Carolina Mccauley reveals how to clean mattress stains with shaving cream.
The TikTok displays a mattress with a yellow ring where moisture has soaked in and dried. Mccauley sprays shaving cream and spreads it with a cloth to cover the stain completely.
After a brief time lapse, Mccauley wipes up the shaving cream with a fresh towel and dries the area with a hair dryer. The stain appears to have lifted considerably.
Most shaving creams smell good, but avoid perfumed creams that can turn sour or annoy you while sleeping, as well as extra colors or dyes that may stain the mattress worse.
Shaving cream works to clean yellow stains from a mattress because it contains denatured alcohol, which acts as a stain remover.