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How To Use Sugar To Get Rid Of Unsightly Grass Stains On Clothing
Sugar offers a natural solution for tackling stubborn grass stains, and spreading some over your stained clothes before you toss them in the wash can help clean them efficiently.
Grass obtains its green color from chlorophyll, which acts as a dye. Applying a sugar and water mixture on the grass stain helps release the chlorophyll's grip on
your fabric.
Begin by mixing warm water with 1/2 cup of sugar to create a thick paste. Spread this paste over the grass stains and allow it to soak for approximately one hour.
Once soaked, place your grass-stained clothing in the washing machine. After completing the wash cycle, inspect your clothing to ensure the stain is completely gone.
If needed, repeat the process. Only dry your clothing once the stain has been successfully removed, as heat from drying can permanently set the stain.