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How To Use The Color Khaki In Your Home
The Right Shade
Khaki is a shade of brown with yellow undertones, but it can sometimes appear tan or have olive undertones. All shades of khaki are on the warmer side of the color spectrum, but the undertones are important to help you determine the rest of your color scheme.
Pair With Bold Colors
Khaki is a neutral color that pairs great with bold colors like turquoise, violet, and coral, or for a more sophisticated look, combine it with light blue, green, or deep brown. Use bright furniture and décor against a khaki backdrop, or add a khaki finish to your furnishings.
Combine Earth Tones
As an earth-toned shade, other earthy tones like reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns can be combined with khaki for a cozy feel. Use striking shades for armchairs or sofas, or add khaki accents with soft textures and wood finishes.
Unexpected Accents
Paint the trim around your walls and windows a shade of khaki to highlight the woodwork in your home. With this shade, you can easily change furnishing and color schemes, but be sure to choose a wall color that will both compliment and contrast your trim.
Front And Center
Khaki has the potential to stand alone, and the key is to choose the perfect paint tone. A room’s lighting and color scheme can change the look of your paint, so line up different shades with cool and warm undertones to find the best fit for your room.