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How To Use The Timeless 60-30-10 Color Rule When Decorating Your Home
Decorating your home can be overwhelming, but if you follow the 60-30-10 color rule, you can ensure a cohesive design that’s good enough to be featured in a magazine. This classic rule states that 60% of your room should be your main color, 30% should be your secondary accent color, and 10% should be your tertiary color.
Using the color wheel, find which color scheme works best for your space — complementary schemes use shades that are opposite each other on the wheel, analogous schemes are colors that are next to each other, and triadic schemes use three colors that are evenly spaced from each other. Monochromatic schemes use a single color and then one or two tones from the same base.
After you’ve picked your color scheme, make sure that at least one of the three colors is neutral like white, beige, black, metallic, or wood tones. Then decide how you will use each color, starting with your walls as they take up the most visual space and will probably be your main color.