Cigarette snuffed out on a black surface
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How To Use Vinegar To Eradicate The Smell Of Smoke Indoors
To eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke on non-fabric items such as walls, chairs, and flooring, use some good old-fashioned white distilled vinegar and a few oranges.
White vinegar rubs out odors, but doesn't smell very good on its own, either. To harness its odor-eliminating properties without overwhelming your nose, add oranges to the mix.
You can step orange peels in the vinegar for a few days before straining and pouring it into a spray bottle, or you can add orange essential oil to the vinegar for instant use.
Spritz the surface that smells of smoke with the vinegar mixture and let it sit for a minute, which gives the vinegar time to break down the smell and residue.
Next, wipe the surface down with a wash rag and repeat. Because of the nature of cigarette smoke, it will likely take a few rounds of this process before the smell is eradicated.
This works well on hard, non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, laminate, stainless steel, and hard plastic, but not porous materials like fabric, since the mixture can soak in.
You can add a dash of dish soap to your mixture if you want extra cleaning strength. Since vinegar is chemically harsh, open your windows and turn fans on while cleaning.