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How To Use Vinegar To Remove Mineral Buildup From Glass Planters
Glass jars, containers, or planters used for gardening often collect hard, white residues that stain the grass. To clean them easily, turn to a kitchen staple: white vinegar.
The stains are due to minerals buildup and discoloration caused by the bacteria that thrive in infrequently changed water filled with organic matter like roots and leaves.
The acetic acid in vinegar breaks down these stains and creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria. Opt for white vinegar as it's well-diluted and the most economical option.
Remove your plant from the planter and place it safely in another one. Then, dilute the vinegar by half with water, dip a rag into it, and clean the stained areas.
Scrub for a few minutes until the discoloration starts to fade. If your planter is small, you can also soak it in the vinegar solution for about 30 minutes, then clean it as usual.