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How To Use White Vinegar To Banish Pesky Gnats
Distilled white vinegar is a multipurpose ingredient, including a solution to trap those pesky gnat. Although, it depends on what gnats you have in your home.
Gnats are an umbrella term for tiny flies, but white vinegar only works on fruit flies. These are a reddish-brown-orange color and are attracted to overripe produce.
To make a gnat trap, get a shallow bowl and fill it with 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar, 1 drop of liquid dish soap, and a ¼ cup of sugar or any sweet fruit juice.
Mix everything and add water until the container is almost full. You can also use apple cider vinegar in place of distilled white vinegar if that’s what you
have on hand.
Place the trap wherever your
fruit flies are congregating. The solution will mimic the smell of overripe fruit, causing the gnats to fly into it and drown.
You can also use vinegar as a cleanser for your kitchen surfaces. Take a spray bottle, add a tablespoon of white vinegar, fill it up with water and add an essential oil.
Distilled white vinegar is perfect for this because, without the added sugar, it’s a natural bug-repellant. That way, the gnats won’t want to land anywhere
but in the traps.