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How To Use Your Scarves As Decor When They're Too Pretty
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One fantastic way to show off your beautiful scarf (or even a collection of them) is to frame it and hang it in your home, but there are a few precautions to take to make sure you don't permanently damage it. For example, you'll want the foam core part of the frame to be acid-free because silk is a very delicate material.
You won't want to have to stretch, contort, crease, or cut your scarf, so look for a frame that fits the dimensions exactly or is a little bit larger than your scarf. Aesthetically, you'll want to make sure the frame's colors work cohesively with the scarf. A simple, minimalist frame will always look great, as an overly ornate frame may distract from the scarf's pattern.
As for the scarf itself, you'll need to prepare it before framing it by washing it and then ironing or steaming it. Of course, silk is incredibly sensitive, so make sure to use cold water, buffer the scarf from the iron with a pillowcase, and use a very low setting on the iron.
When you frame your scarf, you'll need to secure it to the backing board in a way that will cause the least amount of damage, such as using small pins. Once the scarf looks good, add the board to the frame, attach the backing, and hang it up as you would a painting.