Pink tulip field in Germany with beautiful light from the evening sun.
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How To Water Your Tulips For The Best Results
Tulip bulbs lie dormant under the soil for much of the year. Depending on how much rain or snow your area gets, it's best to water the bulbs well when
you plant them.
If you’re planting your tulips in the ground, do so in the fall and get the bulbs safely snuggled into
the soil before
it freezes in
the winter.
Make sure that the soil is sandy and well-draining as the tulips will rot if their roots and bulbs sit in standing water.
Water them very well at this stage and then stop watering them. Provide little to no care unless the climate gets particularly dry.
If you're growing tulips in a container garden, make sure that the soil remains damp, especially in the summer months — press your finger about one inch into the soil to check.
While it's not necessary to soak the bulbs before planting your tulips, doing so may actually be beneficial since a moist bulb is more likely to grow strong roots.
Unless you're experiencing a drought, the occasional rain shower should provide your outdoor tulips with enough water.
Therefore, if you have garden irrigation, don't include your tulip beds in your watering schedule, or you'll be in danger of overwatering them.