A can of WD-40 lubricating spray
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How WD-40 May Help Keep Your Home Bug-Free
If you have spiders or other insects invading your home, you may be tired of trying to keep them out. Pest products can be expensive, and not all are safe around children and pets, but WD-40 is an easy-to-apply solution that may create a highly effective barrier to keep those bugs out of your home.
You can use a very light coating of WD-40 along the doorframes, window frames, and other openings in your home to create a shield-like barrier that deters critters from entering. It’s also a good idea to spray a small amount in places where bugs are typically located and in any cracks to minimize their access to the inside.
Pests can easily make their way into your home through holes in the roof, so also spray those with WD-40, and do the same with your gutter and soffit area to prevent bees and wasps from nesting there. The more thorough you are with where you apply WD-40 and keeping it up over time, the more effective it can be.