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How Wine Corks Can Fix Your Broken Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
Depending on what type of kitchen cabinet knob you have, replacing a broken knob can take a while. If you can't wait, hack a wine cork to create a makeshift cabinet knob.
The hack is simple. If you drink wine, it's also free. First, select a cork with a flat end, or if it's rounder, boil or steam it to soften and trim the end flush with a knife.
Choose a glue suitable for both the cork's surface and the cabinet's. Wearing gloves, glue the cork and press it onto the cabinet where the knob once was so it firmly attaches.
Paste a duct tape over it until the glue fully cures — about 24 hours at most. If you want a discreet fix, paint the cork in a color that matches your cabinets before attaching it.