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How Wine Corks Can Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets From Slamming Shut
By cutting small slices from a cork and attaching them to the inner corners of the cabinet, you can effectively muffle the sound that
your cabinet doors create
when they close.
With their innate capacity to absorb the impact of closing doors due to their soft and pliable nature, wine corks offer seamless door closure without leaving any unsightly gaps.
Prepare the corks by steaming them for a few minutes to soften. Then, trim a slender segment from a wine cork, slicing circular slabs about 1/16 inch thick.
Clean and dry the cabinet corners so that the cork disks stick more strongly. Then, arrange the disks within the cabinet's inner corners so the door avoids contact with the frame.
Finally, use an adhesive to secure the cork disks onto the cabinet corners. Tweak the cork disks' placement or thickness, if needed,
for optimal outcomes.