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How You Can Use Old Picture Frames To Organize Your Bathroom
Old picture frames offer a unique and stylish way to organize and upgrade your bathroom. For instance, you can transform a picture frame into an elegant towel holder.
This is done by removing the frame's backing and glass, positioning it vertically, and looping a towel through it. A curtain tie-back stick can be used to keep the frame
in place.
Another method involves attaching frames to the bathroom wall using Command Strips and adding a hook in the middle. This technique allows for easy hanging and removal of towels.
This setup also works well for hanging jewelry and, with sturdy hooks, even hair tools. For those with a DIY knack, picture frames can be crafted into a charming storage shelf.
By simply gluing the frames together using mini wood blocks, you can create a space ideal for storing everyday bathroom necessities, such
as toothbrushes and
skincare products.