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How You Should Really Be Cleaning Your Wood Furniture
Mineral Spirits
One of the best ways to clean your wood is by using mineral spirits since they remove any grime, dirt, wood stains, and paints on the wood. Mineral spirits can also prepare wood for accepting new stains or being restored to its original grain and beauty in a safe and effective manner.
Vinegar + Water
Equal parts distilled vinegar and water is a great disinfectant to clean lacquered wood or untreated wood. Soak a clean rag in it and squeeze out the excess and gently wipe wood furniture surfaces, always with the grain in one direction, and follow immediately by drying with a clean, dry cloth.
Lemon Juice + Coconut Oil
Using a mixture of coconut oil, lemon juice, and vinegar can not only clean the wood but polish it too, and is way more economical than buying branded products. Use a small amount of the mixture on a clean, dry cloth and rub it into the wood to clean older wood items without damaging them.
Olive Oil + Vinegar
Olive oil and vinegar can do more than just act as a salad dressing; olive oil is a terrific wood conditioner, while vinegar acts as a powerful disinfectant. Used together, the combination works astonishingly well to remove marks and splotches, and is one of the most natural and simple wood cleaners and restorers out there.
Olive Oil + Lemon Juice
A solution of olive oil and lemon juice is yet another great mixture to clean wood, since olive oil is an eco-friendly substitute for mineral oil, while the citric acid in lemons makes for a terrific cleaner. All you need are some clean cotton or microfiber cloths, and a couple of jars or spray bottles to get started.