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How Your Garden Can Benefit From A Leftover Chicken Rotisserie Tray
Buying gardening containers can get costly after a while. However, you can use old rotisserie chicken containers for a cheap, eco-friendly solution.
A plastic container can work as a mini greenhouse for your plants, protecting them from pests and providing a humid environment. Start by getting a container from a grocery outlet
To create a self-watering planter, one container with drainage holes will sit atop a second without holes. You will need scissors, an awl, or a drill to create the holes.
Wash the container using hot water and dish soap. Remove the transparent plastic lid and cut, drill, or punch drainage holes in the base — at minimum, seven eraser-sized openings.
Fill the base with gravel and then top with potting soil or mix. Sow your seeds or plant your cuttings into store-bought or homemade seedling cells.
Cut a hole in the lid if you want to release some condensation and make watering easier. Plant your seeds or cuttings into the cells, water your soil mix, and put the lid on.
Place your tray in a warm spot until the seeds sprout or cuttings take root, then move it into full sun until the seedlings are ready to be transplanted elsewhere.