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Hummingbird Feeder Mistakes
To Avoid
At All Costs
Hummingbirds are not invincible, so avoiding these common errors regarding their feeder’s placement, maintenance, and food source is crucial.
Avoid setting up the feeder close to windows or other open areas, and be wary of branches that could house predators. Instead, find a spot near a shelter that is partially covered.
The feeder needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis using hot, soapy water, diluted bleach solution, or dishwasher in order to maintain a healthy environment for
the birds.
Hummingbirds thrive on nectar, their preferred source of fuel. Making homemade nectar is easy with a simple recipe of 1 part white sugar and 4 parts water.
Avoid adding honey, brown sugar, powdered sugar, fruit juice, and artificial red food coloring. Honey, specifically, can act as glue and possibly weld their bills shut.