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Hydrogen Peroxide Is The Secret To Removing Super Glue From Any Surface
Super glue tends to get everywhere when doing arts and crafts and fixing household furniture. Thankfully, its residue can be removed from surfaces with hydrogen peroxide.
Cyanoacrylate is the active ingredient of super glue. When it reacts with hydrogen peroxide, its chemical bonds break down, allowing for much easier removal.
If you drop some super glue on a hard surface such as metal, soak a cotton ball or pad in 3% hydrogen peroxide and hold it on the glue for a few seconds.
Repeat this step until the glue weakens and you can carefully scrape it off with a credit card or hard-bristled toothbrush.
For glue on clothes, first test 3% hydrogen peroxide on an inconspicuous section of the fabric. Then, apply the solution to the material using a cotton pad and scrub with a brush.
If super glue gets on your skin, it’ll come off on its own, but hydrogen peroxide can speed up the process. See a physician if you get glue in sensitive areas like your ear or nose.