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Identify Plants For Free With This Genius Google Trick
If you're a plant enthusiast, you've likely found yourself curious about the names of various plants. Luckily, you can now easily identify any plant with a free tool:
Google Lens.
This image recognition tool is already built into Android phones, but iPhone users will have to download the Google app or Google Photos to access Google Lens.
To identify a plant, open the Google app and locate the Google Lens icon in the search bar, which appears as a camera icon. Point your phone's camera at the plant and snap a photo.
If you have a plant's photo in your camera roll, open Google Photos, grant the necessary permissions, select the image, and use the "Lens" feature to get immediate results.
This tool is designed to filter out explicit results, allowing you to easily learn more about the plants around you with just a simple push of your phone camera's
shutter button.