Yellow woodsorrel growing on rock
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If You Find This Heart-Shaped Plant In Your Yard, Remove
While clover is great for soil health, its lookalike — yellow woodsorrel — is not. Differences in their flowers and leaf shape, though, make it easy to distinguish between the two.
Yellow woodsorrel is shockingly fast growing and able to spread rapidly through the large number of seeds it launches up to 12 feet away. Plus, it thrives under most conditions.
It’s easiest to identify the unwanted weed when it flowers. Unlike clover with its globular white and pink flowers, yellow woodsorrel boasts yellow blooms that turn into seedpods.
However, it’s better to remove any woodsorrel before it flowers to stop it from spreading. To do so, carefully inspect the leaves — the yellow woodsorrel will
be heart-shaped.
For small infestations, simply pull the sorrel up by hand and save it for use in salads or teas. If your spread has grown too aggressive, use chemical herbicides to control it.