Worker installing interlocking laminate floor
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If You See These Signs, It's Time To Replace Your Laminate Flooring
Surface Sheen Loss
Sheen loss or a cloudy look is commonly a result of wear and tear or exposure to chemical cleaners or sunlight. This can age a room or make it look less vibrant.
Any raised, distorted, or misshapen boards caused by temperature and moisture fluctuations can affect your floor’s appearance and safety, and should be replaced.
Even though the top layer is designed to resist considerable wear, the laminate can peel or crack with age, making your floor susceptible to further damage.
Pay attention to the areas that have the most foot traffic and sun exposure for signs of extensive peeling or cracks, and replace the whole floor instead of fixing it by section.
Deep Scratches/Chips
These marks damage the subflooring and trap dust and grime, making cleaning difficult. While minor marks can be fixed with putty, large ones should be replaced.
Outdated Aesthetic
If your flooring style looks dated or doesn’t match your current home decor, then replacing it can majorly refresh the room for a contemporary and modern look.