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Love Space-Saving Series For Small Bathroom Storage
Finding places to hold all of your toiletries in a small bathroom can be difficult. To maximize storage space, you may want to consider the Godmorgon series at Ikea.
The Godmorgon series includes space-saving features that any small bathroom owner would love, such as storage containers for organization, faucets, and lighting.
It also comprises deep, long drawers that are full-size and extendable. Plus, its sink cabinet's P-trap and pipe are located against the wall, giving you more cabinet space.
The mirror cabinet provides both a mirror over your sink and storage in an otherwise unused space. For organization, the Godmorgon boxes are great for their ability to be stacked.
There are a ton of different options for this series, including a sink cabinet that comes with a built-in sink for easier installation, and the items are highly rated by reviewers.