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Ikea Hacks To Help Your Focus & Productivity While Working From Home
Several content creators recommend using one of IKEA's kitchen countertops instead of a normal desk, as it is rated to endure more weight and wear.
You can implement this hack by purchasing two sets of ALEX drawers and an IKEA countertop of your choice. TikTok user @melb_lifeandhome used the KARLBY countertop.
Hidden Storage
Interior design blogger Abi puts her dream desk together with a BESTA cabinet made of birch veneer. It features lots of hidden storage, perfect for at-home workers.
She pairs the BESTA with a set of ALEX drawers, creating a base for two LAGKAPTEN tabletops. This creates tons of desk space with additional concealed storage space.
As shown by TikToker @moonlight.market.co, You can get whatever look you desire for your IKEA desk by adding peel-and-stick wallpaper in your preferred style.
Simply wipe down your desk, cut the wallpaper to size, and smooth it over the surface of each drawer using a smoothing tool to make your application neat and air bubble-free.
Built-In Unit
This hack transforms an IKEA MALM desk into a faux built-in. TikToker @klauddesign_ starts by filling the joints of the desk where the legs meet the tabletop.
The DIYer then adds a piece of plastic corner trim to the back edge of the desk, smoothes it out with caulk, and then paints the wall and desk with the same stone-effect color.
To refinish an old IKEA desktop, TikToker @jensen.bradley uses contact paper. She weighs it down with books and smoothes the exposed adhesive of the paper on the other side.