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IKEA Plate Racks Are The Perfect DIY Open Shelving Solution
Dutch stylist Janneke Peters has shared an IKEA shelf hack on Instagram that helps you to convert OSTBIT wooden plate racks into additional narrow shelving.
These wooden plate racks are designed for holding upright plates on a counter or cabinet, but when turned on their side, they can provide more storage for any room.
The sturdy bamboo pegged pieces are also lighter, cheaper alternatives to L-brackets and other mounts. You can also easily adjust the height of your shelves as needed.
Measure and cut a 2- to 3-inch wide piece of wood to your desired length. Vertically hang two OSTBIT plate holders at a correct distance apart so the shelves can rest on the pegs.
Use a level to ensure the pegs line up and create an even footing for your shelves. Mount the racks to wall studs for guaranteed stability, and use wood glue to secure the boards.
Use your shelf to store narrow items like spices, create a small herb garden, or keep your pet's things organized. You can leave the lowest rung of pegs open for hanging.