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A Wardrobe
That Fits In Smaller Spaces
IKEA AURDAL is a great pre-fabricated wardrobe system that easily fits into tight spaces due to its small profile, making it perfect for small closets and homes short on space.
You also don't have to remove baseboards to install it, which adds to its ease of installation. Additionally, AURDAL's depth is great for reach-in and shallow closets.
Compared to a larger wardrobe system, like an IKEA PAX, which is 22 ⅞ inches deep and 93 ⅛ inches tall, the AURDAL pieces are only 15 ¾ inches deep and 87 inches tall.
The basic AURDAL unit has shelves with hanging rods, which cost $165. Another option has two compartments with flat and tilted shelves, basket storage, and
hanging rods for $315.
Meanwhile, another $365 option has shelves, pull-out drawers, and hanging rods in three compartments. You can also combine the different parts to create a custom system.