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Important Things To Consider Before You Gut Your Home
Where Will You Live
Living in your home during construction is not optimal, so consider short-term rentals, a rental home, an RV, or a hotel. Think about who needs to leave the home, as living on a construction site is dangerous for children, and how long your house will be under construction.
Building Codes
Sometimes not everything you want in a renovation project is legal, and it's important to check your building's codes before starting. These codes are different for every municipality, city, and state, so be sure to check your state and county government pages for building codes that apply to you.
Don’t Hesitate To Hire
Flooring, room additions or expansions, shower installations, and ceiling replacements are projects best done by professionals to ensure they are done right and are up to all the necessary codes and regulations. Before hiring, be sure to research their past projects, reviews, and prices.
Safety First
If you’re gutting any part of your home yourself, you need to be prepared with the proper equipment and get your home tested for mold before tearing down walls. Be really cautious of asbestos in your home, and call professional asbestos removers before continuing.
Unexpected Costs
It’s rare that a renovation goes perfectly, and something will most likely arise that will need financing. Set money aside for these costs, and take into consideration the cost of permits and the higher electricity bill you’ll have during this time with all the power tools.