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Improve Your Closet Storage With This Clever IKEA Bookshelf Hack
An IKEA bookshelf makes upgrading your closet both easy and inexpensive. In particular, their KALLAX shelving units are perfect for storage closet organization.
KALLAX has various-sized cube shelves to combine, from two cubes to 25. IKEA has accessories to make them functional and for tailoring to your needs and style.
Use several shelves to create separate storage areas, stack them to look like a built-in closet, leave some out to create larger cubbies, or add a tension rod for hanging storage.
IKEA's wicker BRANÄS baskets or the DRÖNA collapsible fabric boxes fit into the shelves to easily store clothes, shoes, bags, or other items.
Mix and match accessory pieces as you prefer. Instead of using the units as shelves, you could create a dresser-type look with IKEA's pull-out drawer or cabinet door inserts.