HGTV star Jonathan Scott
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Improve Your Hanging Storage With Jonathan Scott's Clever Tip
If you have a front door that opens right into your home, HGTV’s Jonathan Scott says to ditch the coat tree and install a pegboard on the wall instead to optimize organization.
Unlike coat trees, which take up valuable floor space, pegboards mounted on the wall provide you with vertical storage while keeping the floor of a tight entryway clear.
Coat trees only hold a limited number of items and can tip over if overloaded, but pegboards can neatly arrange and display items, thus making them easily accessible and visible.
Simply choose a size and shape that fits your specific needs and available wall space, as well as the types of pegs that best suit your items.
You can attach baskets, containers, and even small shelves on them to provide an added layer of organization for your scarves, gloves, and sunglasses.
Pegboards can also be installed on the kitchen wall to hold utensils, in the bedroom to hold accessories, and in the garage to hold tools.
Depending on the specific model and material chosen, pegboards can be a more cost-effective storage solution than coat trees. Some common materials are hardboard, wood, and steel.