Colorful pool noodles floating in a sunlit swimming pool
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Improve Your Outdoor Furniture With This Comfortable Pool Noodle Hack
If your outdoor furniture is made of rigid materials like aluminum, steel, wrought iron, or wood with little to no padding, you can make it more comfortable by using pool noodles.
This hack offers an inexpensive way to enhance your lounging experience. For example, if your armrests feel hard, simply cut a slit in a pool noodle and wrap it around the armrest.
To create cushioned seating or backing with pool noodles, cut them down the middle to cover the length of the seat or back and flatten them.
Use a hot glue gun to apply glue down the middle of the flattened noodles and press them onto the furniture until the entire section is covered.
If the bright colors of the pool noodles don't match your decor, you can conceal them with a furniture cover that matches the color of your outdoor setup.