A potted fiddle leaf fig
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Increase The Branches On Your Fiddle Leaf Fig With One Easy Trick
If your fiddle leaf fig is looking sparse, there is an easy way you can get it to grow more branches. Locate the brown buds between leaves and use clean scissors to snip them off.
You'll see white sap beneath; don't touch it, but blot it with a clean paper towel instead. Ensure your plant receives ample water and sunlight based on the humidity in your home.
As per TikTok user @purivedplantfood, this trick should promote new growth in as little as a week. However, if that doesn't happen, consider moving your plant to a larger pot.
Make sure you're using the right type of soil, your plant receives enough light, and the pot drains properly. If the roots appear tightly wound, massaging them can
also help.