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Inexpensive Ways To Fix The Huge Scratch In Your Wood Floor
Raid Your Pantry
For new floors with a recent finish, dab on a mix of equal parts olive oil and apple cider vinegar, and let it sit for a day before wiping off. If your floors are unfinished or were recently sanded, let a combination of baking soda and coconut oil sit on the scratch for a few minutes, and then buff it into the wood.
Paste Wax
Unless you have polyurethane floors, shallow scratches left behind by pets can be fixed by letting paste wax dry and then rubbing it into the floor. There are even tinted options, so you can grab a bucket of paste wax at your local hardware store to keep on hand for any additional problems.
Blending Utensil
Similar to paste wax, blending pencils, pens, or markers are a cheaper and more user-friendly option for scratch repair, depending on your type of floor and finish. You can even switch off between shades of stain, which allows you to accurately color match the grain on your floors.
If you’re rushing to remove a small scratch from older hardwood floors, try warming up the oil of a walnut in your fingers, then slowly work it into the problem area. Let it sit for five minutes before buffing it away, or you can crack open the walnut and rub it directly on the stubborn scratch.
If all else fails, you might have to look into refinishing the area where the scratch is. First, try using a finish restorer, and if that doesn’t work, do your best to color match so the edges of this new section blend in seamlessly with the rest.