Shower curtain in an old tiled bathroom
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Instantly Transform Your Patio Table With This Genius Curtain Hack
By reusing an old shower curtain to drape over the patio table, not only can you reduce environmental waste but also add an extra flair of decor to your patio table.
Buy a new or old shower curtain, twine, scissors, and a sewing machine. To add artistic flair, get a curtain with fun patterns or paint the table's legs to match the curtain.
Measure the table and cut the curtain to match it. Flip your curtain, fold the outer edges inwards, and sew them to secure it, creating a tunnel for the twine to fit through.
Feed the twine through this tunnel, stitching as you go, which can secure the curtain on the table without sliding or blowing off. You can also use an elastic instead of a twine.
The shower curtain acts the same way as a tablecloth would, but on top of it, it also does very well when faced with moisture and will raise the aesthetics
of your outdoor space.