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Interesting Things Your Toilet Can Do That You Wouldn't Expect
1. Nonstick And Antimicrobial Coatings

An antimicrobial coating is commonly applied during manufacturing to help keep the bowl slick. The coating keeps bowls and adjacent parts clean while saving water.
Products are available to replenish or add the coating. Copper- and silver-based coatings, as well as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are fairly effective, but they can wear away.
2. Flush Better And Leak Less
Flapper mechanisms are notoriously prone to failure, causing excessive water use and a high usage bill, but replacing it is an easy DIY project.
3. Quiet Or Loud
Some early flapperless toilets will benefit from newer fill valve mechanisms like a Glacier Bay and Niagara replacement on Amazon, which can refill your tank faster.
A pressure-assist toilet uses compressed air to push water, but it can be loud. However, a vacuum-assisted toilet is just as effective and considerably quieter.
4. Save Water
The dual-flush toilet has one button that uses less water to flush liquid waste and another for flushing solids. Conversion kits for standard toilets are about $35 to $75.
5. Save More Water
WaterSense is a voluntary EPA certification program that labels water-efficient products. Residential WaterSense toilets can save as much as $140 per year.
Toilets can also
be rated by
MaP (Maximum Performance) Score. Toilets certified MaP Premium are proven to remove 1.3 pounds of waste with a
1.1-gallon flush.