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Interesting Ways To Transform Terracotta Tiles In Your Home
Terracotta tiles are adaptable and easily recognizable from their unique color. They are also very durable, making them a great option for flooring, walls, roofs, and decoration.
Rustic Kitchen Flooring
Use these tiles for Mediterranean or Spanish-style houses for that rustic look; make sure to opt for glazed or sealed tiles to keep them from staining.
Patio Oasis
The tiles' orange color tones complement the green in your garden well. Use white or beige patio furniture for excellent contrast or bright, bold colors for a fun touch.
Clean Bathroom
Since they don't mold easily, add terracotta to your bathroom. Some great pairings include wood, pale green, gold or black hardware, and wrought iron elements.
Terracotta is fire- and heat-resistant, so using them as a kitchen backsplash is another option. If the color doesn't fit your kitchen, use painted alternatives.
These tiles are also usually slip-resistant, making them perfect for your staircase. These will give your home a nice rustic look and offer many designs.