Diatomaceous earth spilling out of a bag
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Interesting Ways To Use Diatomaceous Earth In Your Home And Garden
Sprinkle thin layers of diatomaceous earth (DE) across the doors, windowsills, underneath furniture, in wall crevices, and other hot spots to dehydrate and kill your bugs.
Houseplant Bugs
Spread diatomaceous earth on the soil of a houseplant when it feels dry and don’t water it to ensure effectiveness. Invading pests will drop in about a week.
Add the powder to a sizeable salt shaker for flea protection and sprinkle in the areas where your pets spend their time. Let it sit for about two weeks to take effect.
DE dehydrates the flea larvae before they mature, nipping the problem at its source. Some fleas may also die from eating the powder.
Amend Soil
Diatomaceous earth contains silicon dioxide, which can be used to amend the soil for bearing fruit. Simply top up the substrate with a few inches of the powder.
The DE adds trace elements of silica, magnesium, calcium, and iron that are critical in furthering cell growth and chlorophyll production.
Water Retention
Fill around 10% to 20% of garden topsoil with DE to improve its uptake and retention of water. For houseplants, raise the proportion to 15% or 20%.