Tomatoes growing in a pot
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Is A Bright Windowsill Really The Best Place To Ripen Green Tomatoes?
A sunny windowsill is considered the ideal place for ripening tomatoes, but the best place to ripen them may depend on
the fruits' ripening stage.
Tomatoes ripen in six stages, starting with the green mature stage, when the fruits are too immature to ripen indoors and will likely rot before they can ripen for fresh eating.
The next step is the breaker stage, when tomatoes start producing ethylene gas that helps the fruits ripen. This is when these tomatoes can be brought indoors to ripen.
Beyond this stage, tomatoes ripen on their own even without nutrients from plants or sunlight, so there's really no need for them to be placed near sunny windowsill.
However, you may benefit from placing tomatoes there if you do it once they get close to being ripe,
as it'll be easier to check them every day and enjoy them before they go bad.