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Is A Convertible Range Hood Worth The Investment?
Convertible range hoods allow for ducted and ductless ventilation options. While they cost more than other options, they provide flexibility in style and installation.
A ducted system expels odors and grease particles directly outside, alleviating humidity and steam. Ductless ranges filter and recirculate your kitchen's air through a fan.
Since a convertible range offers both ventilation options, moving to one is simple for anyone with a ducted range since there is already a duct system.
Installing a duct system can be quite invasive, but you can place a convertible range hood under a cabinet, over an island, or mounted to a wall.
The main benefit of a convertible range hood is that you have complete control over how your kitchen is ventilated and are able to switch between the two types.
Because of how versatile convertible hoods are in both design and functionality, they also increase the overall value of your home.