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Is An Eased Edge Countertop Right For Your Kitchen?
An eased edge countertop works well for kitchens because of its slightly rounded corners, which may be safer for kids to be around. It's also easy to clean and budget-friendly.
Eased edges are used on both bathroom and kitchen countertops. Their defining feature is a straight, square edge rounded off for safety and practicality.
This detail is sometimes referred to as a "softened square" or "round over" edge. It's about as square as a countertop can get without creating something sharp.
Typically the cheapest style your money can buy, an eased edge is often the default detailing for stone slab manufacturers and sellers, so you might get it for free.
The eased edge style, however, is basic and often overused. Some also argue that an eased edge countertop is more prone to chipping, cracking, and causing injury.
While eased-edge countertops are easy to care for, don't sit weighty or fresh-out-of-the-oven cookware or dishes too close to the edge, or you'll risk cracking or chipping.