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Is Buying The Floor Model Worth The Savings At Home Depot?
When you see the perfect couch or patio set, you could take home the very same one for a discounted rate. Floor models are the goods displayed in stores that allow buyers to try them first hand, and retailers like Home Depot offer them at a discounted rate due to the use they get as a model.
However, you still want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your money, and so discounts of about 50% are a fair asking price after your item has been used and test-driven multiple times before. If you can, try asking for a trial run of your product in the store, and if Home Depot won’t allow it, it’s not worth the price.
Another thing to inquire about is the return policy on your item, so you can feel reassured and comfortable with it. Ask the attendant if you will receive coverage on the floor model beforehand to make sure that you can return or exchange it.