A houseplant with dried leaves.
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Is Castile Soap The Answer To Spider-Mite-Free Houseplants?
Spider mites live on the undersides of the leaves and feed on its juices, leading to discoloration and defoliation. Remove these pests with a DIY spray made from Castile soap.
Castile soap disrupts the waxy coating on spider mites’ bodies, which helps them retain moisture. This interference will ultimately lead to their dehydration and death.
Mix one tablespoon of Castile soap per two quarts of water in a spray bottle and shake it well to prevent the soap from concentrating, as it may harm sensitive plant tissues.
Lightly coat the upper and lower leaves with the spray. Apply the spray in the early mornings or late afternoons so that direct sunlight doesn’t evaporate the solution faster.
Repeat application every few days until the infestation is under control. Consistency is key, as spider mite eggs may hatch over time, necessitating continued treatment.
Regularly inspect plants for reinfestation signs and adjust the frequency of the spray accordingly. Also, monitor your plant’s health to ensure the solution isn’t harming them.