Coffee grounds on a wooden surface
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Is Coffee The Secret To Erasing Wood Scratches From Your Furniture?
While you can use coffee grounds or brewed coffee to stain wood and remove furniture scratches, the method only works on dark wooden surfaces that match the espresso beans' shade.
Mix a tablespoon of coffee grounds with warm water to make a paste. Rub the paste over the affected area to stain the wood, disguising the surface scars with the rest of the table.
If the scratch is small, you can use a Q-tip or fine paintbrush, but it may take several applications to darken the wood to the desired color.
Alternatively, use strongly brewed coffee to stain scratch marks. Use darker roasts like French, Italian, or Viennese, and use three or four scoops of grounds per cup of water.
Finally, apply the brewed bean water with a Q-tip. Both methods should last long-term as they permanently dye white blemishes to a darker tone.