"Helston, Cornwall, UK - August 17, 2012: A Dyson DC33 bagless upright vacuum cleaner. This is the Multi Floor version denoted by the yellow top. This is a product of Dyson Ltd. An innovative British company."
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Is Fixing
Your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Worth The Cost?
While Dyson vacuums offer some of the latest technology and are sold at a somewhat hefty price, they can still sometimes break down just like any other type of appliance.
Common issues you may run into include clogged filters, battery issues, overheating, broken belts, damaged canister clips, and loud noises, just to name a few.
While fixing a broken vacuum can be a great idea, other times you may be better off purchasing a whole new appliance because prices depend on the type of service you need.
A simple brush replacement can cost up to $45, but a Dyson V11 vacuum battery replacement can cost $149.99 and the high torque cleaner head is $111.99.
You also have to think about service fees if you're getting your appliance repaired
by a professional. Eventually, these expenses can slowly add up to more than a new vacuum.
However, according to Dyson, cordless vacuums have a two-year warranty while corded models have a five-year warranty. Damages due to wear and tear and negligence aren't covered.