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Is It Actually Necessary To Get A
Rug Pad?
Rugs are a perfect addition to any home, as they add color, definition, and dimension. Some rugs, like Persian and Oriental rugs, are an investment, but for any rug, it’s important to prolong its life by using a pad beneath it, and that’s just one advantage.
Rugs get a lot of wear and tear, so the extra padding allows more protection from spills, and it prolongs the aesthetics of the rug by preventing dents caused by the weight of furniture. World Market recommends using a pad two inches smaller than the actual rug, and RugKnots suggests finding a specific padding that works for your floor type and rug material.
Padding keeps rugs in place, and it increases airflow, preventing mold and odor-causing bacteria to grow underneath. Tending to spills immediately and vacuuming regularly will maintain the lifespan of any carpet, so vacuuming the padding at least once or twice a year is highly recommended.