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Is It Best To Fertilize Your Lawn Before Or After Rain?
Knowing when to fertilize your lawn is key to ensure that it starts the season on a good note. However, fertilizing your lawn right after it rains can do more harm than good.
Fertilizing your lawn after a heavy rain can keep nutrients from being absorbed into the saturated soil. The fertilizer sits on top of the soil, which could lead to nutrient burn.
Burn can also occur on very dry grass. Water your lawn a few days before fertilizing it to ensure that it isn’t suffering from drought stress and the grass has time to dry.
Work with rain since it can be beneficial to your lawn due to its high concentration of oxygen. Wait a few days after rainfall so the grass is not wet, then apply your fertilizer.
Opt for an organic solid, pellet fertilizer that will break down well over time. Activate it with water 24 hours after application, so if rain isn’t in the forecast, use your hose.