Worker installing ceramic floor tiles
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Is It Possible To Lay Tile Without Using Grout?
Dirty grout can make things look dull and dirty regardless of how much you wash those little crooks. Thankfully, it's entirely possible to lay tiles without using any grout.
Groutless tiles are rectified tiles cut and filed with precision accuracy so that you can place them right next to each other without leaving a space between them.
This means no grout, uneven lines, or chipped tiles and a smooth-looking finish. The process is easy and quick whether you install the tiles on floors, bathroom walls, or kitchen.
Before installing, clean and prep the area by removing the previous tiles, removing old mortar and debris, and sanding out any bumps for a smooth, dust-free surface.
Measure the area to know how many tiles are needed to cover the entire space. Professional installers recommend adding 10% to the total number of tiles you need.
The easiest-to-install groutless tiles come with a backing mesh. Cut the mesh to the proper area size and cut any extra bits, especially when working around outlets or faucets.
Place the tile the way you like and trim any border or corner tile for the proper fit. Do this without adding adhesive or mortar to the tiles or the surface you are working on.
Now, start installing them. Add a thin, uniform layer of mortar or tile mastic onto the surface before spreading it with a trowel.
Place the tiles as decided and gently beat them with a rubber mallet so that no corners stick out at different heights. Let the adhesive dry per the manufacturer's instructions.