Shaker-style white cabinets
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Is It Time To Upgrade Shaker-Style Cabinets?
(And What To Get Instead)
Shaker-style cabinets have been gracing American kitchens for centuries, but they have a couple of cons: Their recessed panel is tough to clean, and their popularity may be waning.
Since a thin wooden border outlines a shaker-style cabinet, grime can settle on top of that border and within its corners, making it difficult to clean them.
According to a 2023 study, shaker-style cabinets fell in popularity from 64% to 61%. Meanwhile, flat-panel doors grew by three points, with 20% of renovators now choosing them.
Instead of shaker-style cabinets, go for stylish alternatives — for example, flat doors without any decor or paneling so as to ensure no crumbs, dust, or grease stick to them.